Vernon Leake

Vernon_wCEO – SWDS Holdings, Inc..

Vernon Leake, Chief Executive Officer of SWDS Holdings, Inc., has nearly 25 years of experience in the automotive finance and insurance (F&I) and reinsurance industries.  He heads the strategic sales and financial direction of the company.

SWDS Holdings, Inc. (marketed as Southwest Dealer Services) and its affiliates are comprised of over 330 employees and currently serve over 650 active dealers across 16 states within the US.  The company’s initiative, under his leadership, is to grow through organic sales and the aggressive acquisition of agencies in order to create a nation-wide footprint.

Prior to joining Spencer Capital, Vernon was CEO and co-founder of Century Automotive Service Corporation.  Subsequent to the MAPFRE Group’s acquisition of Century in 2012, Vernon served as its Head of Specialty Risk.  In the earlier part of his career, Vernon was Vice-President and member of the Board of Directors of DAC Insurance Company, Rated A- by AM Best.

Vernon is recognized as a leader in the industry for spearheading and igniting sales growth within companies and has a diverse understanding of captive reinsurance, marketing, product development and the underwriting of F&I programs.